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Keep scrolling for a few love notes to the people who made our new online home possible, as well as some notes from our students and friends who love Thrive.



"This is an amazing community, not just a yoga studio. There are a huge range of classes for everyone. I tend do mostly vinyasa which is offered multiple times daily, but have also tried hatha, restorative, and aerial classes as well. The instructors are all top notch and truly attentive to all students. They each have their own style, music, and wisdom to offer. Even if you come seeking just a great workout, you’ll leave satisfied... as well as a little more peaceful. Susan the owner has created a culture of wellness, mindfulness and fun. They have regular workshops, some of which are light hearted and some are life changing. Cannot recommend this place enough!" - Gianna V., Thrive Student Yelp Review
"Dear Susan, Ugonma and friends:
Many thanks for a wonderful retreat. There was so much joy and learning. The group was very nice. Every night I went to bed early at 9:30 and fell into sleep listening to the lively chats and laughter and feeling very safe and at peace being around with nice people. I thought to myself: I want to spend the next 15 years with the Thrive community.
Wish everyone a great week. " - Hua T.
"I've been a regular member of the studio since August of this year. The decision to join the Thrive community has been the best investment I've made for my physical, mental, and spiritual health. From the moment you step in, you're greeted with a calming and zen-like atmosphere filled with Himalayan salt lamps, ambient lighting, waterfalls, trees lining the ceilings, and friendly staff. I appreciate the simple format of booking and canceling classes - all of it can be done online, or better yet through the mobile app. The check-in process is also quick and simple; it is done at the front desk with iPads. I've tried a wide variety of the offered classes with various instructors and have yet to be disappointed. The class offerings are diverse and cater to a plethora of skill levels and specialties, from quick-paced Vinyasas, to slower Yin classes, to sound healing, to candlelight flow with Himalayan salt lamps, and more. All of the instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and foster an inclusive space, meet every student where they're at, and make you feel empowered as you journey through your practice. I'm incredibly thankful this space and community exist here in the MoCo area!" - Yasi H., Yelp Review
"And I have to, once again, thank you, Susan, and all Thrive gang for all I have experienced this past year! It is very difficult to put it into words. When I left on Saturday with my mat, from my last practice at Thrive, I felt soooo fulfilled. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to get you know you all and to have taken the training... It was really an amazingly positive surprising experience! I grew so much and learned so much!" - Alice M.
"Thank you for getting us off to such a great start to 2019. I am looking forward to Costa Rica, only 2 months away, and another year of learning at Thrive. You, the Thrive teachers and my fellow students have always been an essential element to “being the best that I can be”, both on and off the mat. " - Glen J. Buco
"Lydia is impressive as she is consummately confident in herself and her knowledge of yoga.
She instills a calm in my soul like no other. Suddenly, I am one with the universe. I find myself so grateful
to have the opportunity to practice with her. She has had a solid impact on my understanding of yoga practice. " - Lynn A., LinkedIn Review
"A yoga studio that exercises, stretches, and nourishes the body, mind, and spirit. From the daily classes to the workshops, the teachers at Thrive are knowledgeable, observant, thoughtful, and caring. An absolutely amazing spot of peace and tranquillity in this hectic world." - Bruce S.
"Amazing atmosphere!!! Amazing staff!!! Just loved it!!" - Xochitl G.
"I love Thrive yoga! Not only are the teachers and classes amazing, but the community established is truly something I haven't experienced at any other studio. On top of that, the workshops offered are unique, challenging and enable you to grow! I'd highly recommend this studio
" - Stephanie G.
"(Thrive) classes were great in preparing me for childbirth.
" - L.W.
"Thanks for a great class. The love and energy of everyone in the class were amazing! " - Rupali L.

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