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Prenatal Yoga


SUNDAYS | 11:30AM – 12:30PM


10-week Session | $225

April 16 – June 25 n/c 5/14

THURSDAYS | 6:00 – 7:00PM


10-week Session | $225

April 6 – June 8

For over 18 years, Thrive Yoga Prenatal Yoga classes have helped prepare expectant parents for labor and beyond.  You will be in a community of nurturing and highly trained teachers and moms who will sequence yoga practices for you to feel rejuvenated and calm.  Bond with other mothers-to-be to gain strength for labor and to sleep better during your pregnancy.

Thrive Prenatal Yoga classes are taught with personal attention to you and your individual pregnancy journey. Our highly skilled teachers will offer modifications for all levels of fitness and all trimesters.

Each session includes community time and bonding to welcome you and to make new friends. Classes include asanas (postures) for strength and flexibility, breathing exercises, and visualization techniques to build confidence for labor and motherhood.

After labor, join our growing community of mothers in postnatal yoga for you and baby.


Yoga for Labor and Delivery Workshop

Sunday, May 7th| 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm w/ Lalita

Couple $180

Fun workshop for you and your partner to feel positive, empowered and at ease during your pregnancy while preparing for baby’s arrival. Shift into gratitude and harness the goddess energy within you to reduce common feelings of fear, worry, and stress. You are more highly intuitive during pregnancy and can learn to use your inner power for strength while bonding with your baby and your partner. Yoga for Labor and Delivery will provide tools and resources to navigate through all your natural emotions and transform doubt into confidence.

In this workshop we venture through each stage of labor reviewing specific positions, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques that support you. We’ll discuss using our senses to find relief and make use of various props, such as birthing balls and chairs, to explore comfort measures and movements that can reduce the intensity of birth pangs. As a couple (partner, parent, relative, friend, etc.), practice working as a team in preparation for childbirth. This is designed for those who are interested in a vaginal delivery (medicated or non-medicated). Some other topics we’ll consider are eating during labor, managing epidurals, and navigating an emergency c-section in the possible event of one.

In this workshop:

  • Let go of the unknown Feel empowered and confident about being in your body and birthing your baby.
  • Cultivate knowledge Explore sensations and what happens to you and baby during this special time. Practice asana, breath work, and partner exercises along with guidance for your partner to better assist you during birth.
  • Connect Delve deeper into your own intuition while bonding with your partner and baby in a community of other parents-to-be.

**Bring a pen/pencil, journal, snacks, and any other item that you may want to use for comfort (such as a blanket or pillow however the studio does provide these props for you) and wear comfortable clothing. Please consume a substantial meal beforehand so that you feel nourished and engaged throughout our time together.




10 Class Plass