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Thrive offers personalized and small group instruction in a variety of wellness modalities. Students seek private sessions to: understand yoga alignment; heal from an injury; relieve stress; heal during a life challenge or transition; general well being and self care.

Yoga Instruction – One-on-one and small group instruction for just about any reason that is important to you.

Life Mentoring – One-on-one or small group session designed to make shifts in the patterns that are no longer working in your life.  Revitalize any area of your life.  Learn to use your intuition, subconscious mind repatterning and yoga to live the life that you desire.   Get guidance and a customized practice plan to use off the mat.

Reiki – A hands-on energetic wellness technique that helps you to reduce stress and relax while providing emotional and physical re-balancing.

Meditation – Learn meditation techniques and customize a meditation practice for your lifestyle to increase focus and de-stress. The benefits of meditation are well researched and documented. Individual meditation instruction can get you started or help you through stagnation.

Thai Bodywork – An ancient form of therapeutic healing originating in Thailand. It is rooted in the belief that vital energy (Prana) flows through a series of “Sen” channels in the body, (also known as Qi or Meridians), which create disease and discomfort when blocked. Thai Bodywork addresses imbalances in the physical, as well as, energetic body by combining acupressure, energy balancing, stretching, and yoga asanas. Thai bodywork is considered to be compassion in action and stems from metta, or loving-kindness, which is transmitted from the giver to receiver through touch.  You will increase flexibility and range of motion; improve postural alignment and circulation; increase energy levels; relieve physical and mental tension and induce deep meditative states of relaxation. Thai Bodywork is received on a floor mat, instead of a table. Participants will remain fully clothed throughout the duration of the session. Hands, feet, forearms, knees, and elbows will be used to apply point pressure, muscle stretching, and compression through a rhythmic movement of gentle rocking. 


Kids & Adult Birthday Parties Any occasion is a great time to party! Group yoga practice and party room. Bridal Showers & Themed Parties Make use of the peaceful environment at Thrive for your special day. Aerial Yoga Party with Silk Hammocks Fly with your friends! Limited to 10 participants, this party gets you lifted and loose. Contact thrive@thriveyoga.com for more details.

Dates & Times:

Yoga Instruction 60|90 minutes
Life Mentoring 60 w/Susan Mondi Bowen
Reiki 60|90 minutes
Meditation 30|60 minutes
Thai Bodywork 60|90 minutes
Yoga Parties
Starting at $200
Aerial Silks 60|90 minutes
Aerial Yoga Party