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Shamanic Energy Medicine

Journey Through The Medicine Wheel

Join us in community (Allyhu), as we journey through the medicine wheel. The Medicine Wheel, or Four Cardinal Directions, has been used for centuries in several cultures as a sacred route to healing first ourselves, others, and ultimately the world around us. Each Direction, South, West, North, and East, represents the hero’s journey through stages and cycles of life that gift us the opportunity to transform our wounds into wisdom and create new paths to a life of fulfillment.  

In the South, we learn to face and shed our fears, and to walk with beauty on this earth. In the West, we shed light on the stories, belief systems, and patterns that need to die within us for us to live fully. In the North, we start to open to new adventures no longer defined by our past but informed by the future of our choosing and learn to be taught not through pain but through sweetness & lightness. In the East, we embody the way of the visionary, it’s here we stop living someone else’s dream and instead become dreamers of our own destinies.

Surrender in Sacred Space

“We create Sacred Space until we become Sacred Space”
~Marcela Lobos 

Shamanic Energy Medicine Practices are done using elements of nature, such as fire, water, earth, and plants, to create sacred space where nothing but your highest light may enter. We’ll sit together in community (allyhu) with new friends to heal, laugh, and harmonize with ourselves (ayni).

Meet Your Power Animal Allies 

“There’s an old Cherokee tale in which a man tells his grandson, ‘There are two wolves fighting within me. One of them is angry and hateful, the other is generous and compassionate.’ When the boy asks, ‘Which one will win, Grandpa?’ the old man answers, ‘The one I feed.’”
~Alberto Villodo 

Meet your power team! Each Cardinal Direction from the Medicine Wheel has an Animal Archetype associated with it. These Power Animals are your allies in embodying new ways of being. In the South, you’ll meet Serpent, which teaches us to shed our past the way it sheds its skin, all at once. In the West is Jaguar which teaches the way of the sacred warrior, free of enemies in this life or the next. In the North is Hummingbird which teaches us to drink only from the sweetest nectar of life, and in the East you’ll meet Eagle/Condor which teaches us to be visionaries.


Daydream a New Destiny 

“What we imagine completely we bring to life. We change the world we live in by shifting what we daydream about throughout the day”
~Sandra Ingerman

We’ll explore the ancient arts of fire ceremonies used for rapid transformation, water ceremonies for purification and release, and shamanic journeys for transmutation. Attune to your experience with shamanic breathwork designed to prepare you for journeying. Sink into serenity as you listen to the hypnotic drumming used for shamanic journeys. You’ll create new neural networks in your mind as you gain inner insights, wisdom, and answers.  

Energy Medicine Training

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