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Mondays | 6:00 – 6:55pm

4-Class Series w/ 8 Week Expiration | $299 

A 55 minute, small group stretch session with maximum (9) students and (3) stretch professionals for assisted stretch for better overall health, mobility and fitness. Pre-register under the daily classes for any of the Mondays of your choice over 8 weeks.
Stretching is an important component of your exercise and wellness plan and needs to be done correctly (alignment), consistently and throughout the body in order to:

Keep muscles flexible, strong, and healthy to grow your practice and improve endurance
Maintain a range of motion in the joints
Remain stable through challenging physical sequences
Improve balance
Decrease recovery time and
Decrease discomfort from chronic tightness
Improve mind-body awareness
Decrease stress, relax, and sleep better

We have made this easy! Often stretching gets left out of an exercise or wellness plan and students are stumped on the best ways to stretch for the highest benefits. In teams of 3 with one stretch professional, you will be guided through the stretch sequence and be given hands-on stretching assistance for proper alignment and deepening of the stretch.

The session is focused on the areas critical for mobility in the lower extremities: calves, hamstrings, hip flexors and quadriceps. In addition, we will stretch shoulders, neck, and lower back. The session will also include guided breathing, instruction on stretching technique with mind-body awareness and savasana or guided non-sleep, deep rest.

Stretch FAQs:  Did you Know…

Why do I sleep better after I stretch?
You will like to sleep better after stretching due to the release of muscular tension.  If the muscles relax, sleep is more efficient.
What is the difference between stretching and Yin Yoga?
In a stretch session, you will practice “active” stretching which strengthens opposite muscle groups as you lengthen.  In addition, you will practice passive stretching which releases muscle tension, aides in joint health and greater mobility.  Yin Yoga is very beneficial but is mostly focused on cooler or passive stretching and on deeper introspection than a stretching session may provide.
Is breathing important when stretching?
Yes, there are several breathing exercises that will guide you through various stretches that are assisted or unassisted.  Stretching with the inhale gives us the “force” or active opportunity to find the edge and the exhale provides the opportunity to release the effort and deepen through an organic muscular zone.  Beginning breathing practices before the stretch session can clear the mind and give us more awareness of the sensitivity of the body.  Through mind-body awareness, we will release tension, enhance the stretch and accept the discomfort.  Breathing allows us to track the stretch throughout the body and know the muscular-skelton system decreasing the chance of injury.