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The Course

Master the tools to change your life and the World.

In an open, loving, transformative and nurturing training environment, gain the tools and practice to shift to a higher frequency. In the Elevate Your Frequency Training, you will turn your attention inside of your being to detect your vibration - your inside state and your emotional flow. Your emotions create the biggest electrical field in and around you. When you are able to closely detect your inside state, you will more easily be able to shift to a higher frequency of love, joy, and gratitude.

Become skilled at inner state detection and recognize everything that is inside of your body and energy field that feels heavy. Heaviness in your being is incoherent energy and is energy that is not in the flow of life. It is the energy that takes away from your experience here on earth.

Elevating your frequency is an act of disconnecting from the energy fields of others and of all the residue of the matrix, culture, religion, and family, to make space for your essential you. The flow of your Essential Frequency is the life flow that will invigorate your body (your physical creation) to simply be once and for all you. As the essential you, you will have clarity about your world and develop intuition to be an amazing tool to receive information and healing for yourself and others. You will be more precise and lighter and bring an Elevated Frequency into this world to serve yourself and others. You will be energized, not drained and confident that you can elevate others without taking from yourself.

Through training exercises and meditations you will step back from any judgmental thinking and the Ego to accept everything as it is. You will gain a profound and deeper understanding of the Universe.

Group practice on ourselves and others held on April 6 (6:00 pm - 8:00 pm).


Benefits of Elevate Your Frequency Training:
  • Enhance all of your Psychic Senses
  • Connect to your Infinite Unlimited You
  • Heal Your Story with Your Own Potential
  • Trust Yourself in Decision-Making
  • Change life where You Can Change it-inside of You
  • Clear spells curses, contracts
  • Break free of the family system and limiting beliefs
  • Be your rock in life-powerful and stable

Training Outline

Day 1:
  • Learn Foundational Tools to detect your frequency and practice using these tools for yourself and to apply to others
  • Grounding
  • Introduction to understanding and experiencing your lightbody
  • Taurus Fields- connect them with your breath and grounding with Earth
  • Guided Meditation using the tools
  • Clairvoyance- Begin asking questions and receiving guidance
  • Building Confidence through the experience of group transformation
Day 2:
  • Learn Additional Foundational Tools to detect your frequency and practice using these tools for yourself and to apply to others
  • The experience of downloading Frequencies
  • Mentorship and tips and tools-the secret sauce
  • Guided Meditation using the tools
  • Group practice on ourselves and others
  • Exploration of the application in life areas
  • Healing the mother issues through group transformation
Day 3:
  • Exploring the Chakras and how to use the Chakras in Elevating Frequency
  • The Worldview that may surprise you!
  • Chakra Meditation
Day 4:
  • Inside essay – about your future
  • Meditation – meeting your future self
  • Realigning your chakras with the energy of your future self
  • Expanding and contracting energies
  • Cutting cords and key (critical power) exchange
Day 5:
  • Opening portals into the past
  • Closing portals to other realities
  • Closing portals to other dimensions-asking all your pieces to come back to you
  • Tuning into soul patterns- away from details -to run more significant activations
Day 6:
  • Direct contact to your Infinite Self
  • Downloading Teachers
  • Asking questions to your Unlimited You

Training Dates

April 4-5 (11:00 am – 4:00 pm) ( Remote Zoom Classes)

May 2-3 (12:30 pm – 7:00 pm)

May 9-10 (12:30 pm – 6:00 pm

Review/Make-Up Dates*

April 9 (9:00 am – 10:00 am)

May 15 (8:00 am – 10:00 am)

*Note: If you need a refresher or are missing a weekend, join our review/make-up calls. Cost included in the price of training.


Elevate Your Frequency: Self Development Training


Early Bird by March 7 | $1547

Regular | $1679

Payment Plan Option

$250 nonrefundable deposit PLUS Three (3) payments of $433 due March 31, April 15, & May 5

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