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Thrive Yoga is offering a Self-Paced Summer Blast Teacher Training. This is our most accessible training yet! Be certified in 30 days! Transform your practice and learn to teach yoga with a combination of online video-on-demand content + 2 weeks in person in the studio. Training includes interaction and mentorship with Thrive’s experienced teachers. Great for teachers* and parents of students going to camp! *Teachers & staff of MCPS are eligible for a discount (Click Here for More Info)!

Already a certified teacher and looking for a refresh? Click Here for Information on Thrive’s Summer Refresh! (CEUs available upon request)

Want More Information?

Contact us to schedule a virtual individualized teacher training interview where you’ll learn more about the program and get answers to any questions you might have.


    Summer Blast 2022 Training

    Completed in 30 days!

    In-Studio Dates:

    Monday – Friday
    9:30 am – 5:15 pm
    July 18th – July 29th
    (days/times subject to change)



    Work at your pace/schedule;
    Completed no later than July 29th

    Why Thrive?

    • Great Reputation-  Some of your favorite local yoga teachers are Thrive Training Graduates.  For over a decade, Thrive Yoga Teacher Trainings have graduated competent and confident Yoga Professionals. A large percentage of our graduates have gone on to not only teach yoga professionally, but open up yoga studios and started wellness, yoga, and yoga-related trainings of their own locally and internationally. This could be you! In addition, venues across Maryland seek Thrive Certified Teachers.
    • Epic Legacy From over 30 years of yoga study, practice and personal transformation, Susan Mondi Bowen and the Thrive Training Team have developed a yoga training that weaves together timeless practices with focused and playful yoga methods that have you become your true self- courageous, spontaneous and free. Thrive has excelled in the art of training individuals in the potential yoga awards to the willing student.  You have experienced yoga’s benefits, now you are ready to go deeper with teacher trainers who can lead you there.
    • Mentorship Are you seeking mentorship from experienced yoga teachers that live to inspire you? Our seasoned trainers are E-RYT500  and specialize in several yoga and wellness modalities. We mentor you as a student, teacher and professional and through a strong alumni teacher network, introduce you to opportunities
    • Lots of Fun- We’re not your everyday yoga teacher training. Expect to enjoy your experience, forge new connections, take on challenges while laughing out loud!
    • Depth- Looking to take yoga beyond the mat and weave it into your everyday life and the world? We blend age-old wisdom with cutting-edge scientific research and new yogic modalities to create a deeply profound training that has positively impacted the lives of over 500 worldwide graduates.
    • Bonuses & Surprises – We go beyond Yoga Alliance Accreditation requirements for a 200 Hour Teacher Training as proven by the high percentage of successful professionals who’ve graduated from our trainings.  Void of scripts and linear learning, our training instead is experiential with peer support.  One of the favorite activities on the schedule is the “Friends & Family Class” taught by trainees and the joint practice and assisting sessions with the 500 Hour Training class allowing trainee-to- trainee mentorship. We offer Virtual Training modules to supplement In-Studio training and to make up missed lectures.

    Want to find out more? Check out our reviews below!

    BIPOC Scholarship

    In an effort to bring yoga to underserved communities, Thrive has launched its BIPOC  (Black, Indigenous, Person of Color) Scholarship program to our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program.  Below are our application requirements:

    • Applicants in financial need must be a Person of Color who  has practiced yoga for a minimum of one year and has never previously participated in any of our 200 Hour Teacher Training Programs
    • Applicant must send a cover letter to ugonma@thriveyoga.com that includes why you’d be a great fit for the scholarship and teacher training
    • Applicants must schedule a virtual interview and note on their application that they are applying for the BIPOC scholarship. Thrive Yoga will contact you on the next steps after receiving your application.
    • Applicants must not have any schedule conflicts with the Teacher Training syllabus and must retain 100% attendance to maintain scholarship status. 

    200–Hour Teacher Training Application


    • Asana: Learn the physical and energetic qualities of postures and how to apply them in teaching students of all different physical abilities and experiences. Learn to teach to the “whole” student. Expand your practice by deepening your understanding of the structure of the asana as it “lands” in your body
    • Pranayama: Experience and practice pranayama techniques. Learn how to weave pranayama through an asana class.
    • Meditation: Introduction to several styles of meditation. Learn how a meditation practice is key to being more conscious. Learn to teach others to meditate
    • Pratayahara: Practice techniques to manage a highly stimulating world

    Teaching Methodology

    Train in tested methods of teaching yoga. Learn the important components of becoming a successful yoga and wellness professional.

    Teaching Specialities:

    • Vinyasa Yoga
    • Power Yoga
    • Hatha Yoga
    • Alignment Yoga
    • Yin Yoga (introduction)
    • Restorative Yoga
    • Beginners Yoga
    • Chakra Yoga
    • Prenatal Yoga
    • Meditation
    • Pranayama

    Practice Teaching

    Practice Teaching Course Study Includes:

    • Class observations
    • Demonstration
    • Practice teaching to peers and novices
    • Teaching the complete class (component parts of keeping a class fresh)
    • Teaching to beginners
    • Cueing and assisting
    • Mentor feedback and written assessments

    Anatomy & Physiology

    Anatomy & Physiology

    • Train in the anatomy and physiology of the human body and movement
    • Recognize biomechanics, structure and fluid movement in yourself and your students
    • Teach individualized students based upon their anatomical structure and range of motion
    • Anatomy-based sequencing

    Philosophy & Specialty Lectures

    • The History of Yoga and Lineages – Learn the history of yoga and the philosophy behind the styles practiced in the world
    • Yoga Sutra Study – Explore yoga philosophy as studied by the ancients while delving into modern interpretation and application of sutra study in life today
    • The Science and Mystery of Yoga – Learn where fact and science meet philosophy and experience. Explore tools that will help you to integrate yoga into your life
    • The Brain on Yoga – Learn the latest research on consciousness, and techniques to train the brain for the life you desire
    • Chakra Yoga and Energetic Body – Explore chakras and the vibrational body. Understand how to determine what your frequency is and how your chakras affect your physical and energetic bodies


    Summer 2022 Fees

    Early Bird Pricing by

    May 30th, 2022


    All Fees Non-Refundable.

    Regular Pricing by

    July 1, 2022


    All Fees Non-Refundable.

    Payment Plan Option

    $350 non-refundable deposit PLUS Three (3) non-refundable payments of $875

    An application must be submitted.

    We will charge your payment after acceptance into the training.


    "I teach yoga in a poetic way! The Training at Thrive has helped me in many aspects of my journey in this world. It was an out of the box experience for me as a new immigrant." - Amir
    "Changed my life!" - JF
    "Two weeks ago today, I completed my 200 Hour teacher training. It was an amazing accomplishment support by so many wonderful people and by such a great studio ( Thrive yoga- I cant say enough about them). Today I accepted an offer for my first official yoga instructor position. My mind is officially blown! I am beyond excited !! " - Jackie
    "I miss being able to ask a thousand questions...I miss the constant stretching of my brain!" - Christina
    "The Teacher Training is a bunch of people hugging you for who you are." - Zeynap
    "I am so grateful that I chose and completed this course. Thrive did such an amazing job changing the program in a short amount of time to follow the guidelines of the pandemic, ensuring safety. This was done in such a manner that kept the quality of the program intact, and in some instances exceeded. The teachers are easily accessible to students. I highly recommend this training program! " - Heather