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$29 New Student Special

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Welcome to Thrive Yoga

Thrive Yoga is a life and wellness community that is accessible In-Studio, LiveStream, or through our OnDemand. Our events are exciting and innovative like life is meant to be. We’re glad you’re here. Join us in the exploration of a thriving experience.

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Thrive Yoga Center offers a wide array of classes, workshops, trainings, and life-changing retreats. The Thrive Yoga School offers courses for yoga instructors and experienced practitioners who seek in-depth training in yoga and in practices that enhance life. In our 15th year as a premier yoga and wellness center, Thrive continues to break new ground in program offerings, and digital media, all while staying steady in offerings that matter to people in their health and vitality.  Click In- Studio to access our In-Studio classes. Click Thrive Yoga Online to access our  LiveStream and OnDemand Events. 

Welcome to Thrive Yoga.  We are so glad that you are here. Our variety of classes will support your fitness goals and lead to greater happiness. Visit us in our spa-like studio and let our highly experienced instructors and staff guide you to your greatest health.


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