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300 HOUR training course

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Join Thrive Yoga’s Fall 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Follow your passion and learn all of yoga in the Thrive 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. The Thrive Yoga School established in 2009, has graduated more than 600 students and our curriculum continues to evolve with students’ interests while offering the knowledge and experiences of the sages.

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Free Information Session

Wednesday, September 27 | 7:00 - 8:00 PM

Can’t make the info session? Contact us to schedule a virtual individualized teacher training interview where you’ll learn more about the program and get answers to any questions you might have.

    Fall 300 Hour Teacher Training

    October 18, 2023 – May 22, 2024

    Weekends and Wednesdays Evenings
    50 Hours Video-On-Demand
     Sat & Sun 11:30-6:00pm
     Wednesdays 6:00-9:00pm
    Oct 21, 22|Nov 11, 12|Dec 9, 10|Jan 13, 14
    Feb 3, 4 & 24, 25|Mar 9, 10
    April 6, 7 & 20, 21|May 4, 5 & 18, 19
    Oct 18, 25|Nov 8, 15, 29|Dec 6, 13
    Jan 10, 17, 24|Feb 7, 21, 28|March 6, 13
    April 3, 10, 17|May 1, 8, 22
    Note: Online Curriculum offered to make up for missed lectures

    Apprenticeship: Assisting (3)  & Class Observation (3)

    Scheduled during the training according to your schedule*

    Why Thrive?

    • Great Reputation– Since 2009, Thrive Yoga Trainings have graduated inspired and confident yoga and wellness professionals who teach all over the world.  Our 5-star reviews speak for our intelligent, rich, and always-fresh training in a fun and supportive community.
    • Epic Legacy– You have experienced yoga’s benefits, and now you are ready to go deeper with teacher trainers who can lead you there. From over 30 years of yoga study, practice, and personal transformation, Susan Mondi Bowen and the Thrive Training Team have developed a yoga training that weaves together timeless practices with playful yoga methods that have you become more of yourself and a successful teacher.
    • Mentorship– Are you seeking mentorship from experienced yoga teachers that live to inspire you? You will receive mentorship in yoga practices as well as support in teaching yoga in real class settings. We mentor you as a student, teacher, and professional and through a strong alumni teacher network, introduce you to teaching opportunities
    • Flexibility & Easy Learning-With a combination of live in-person training and video-on-demand modules, you will have more freedom in your schedule yet be in a community that learns to teach yoga in a live-studio setting.  Make-ups for missed sessions are also easy with our Thrive Online Training Portal. Our graduates rave over the depth of practices and lectures available to learn all of yoga.
    • It’s About You.  Over the years,  the Thrive Trainings have evolved into a program that is student-driven. Thrive trainers are so proficient in teaching yoga that we can talk about anything yoga on-the fly.  

    Want to find out more? Check out our reviews below!

    BIPOC Scholarship

    Since 2020, to support more diversity in yoga and in our community, Thrive offers a BIPOC  (Black, Indigenous, Person of Color) Scholarship Program to selected eligible candidates. We have graduated 9 BIPOC Scholars as certified Yoga Teachers.

    BIPOC Eligibility Requirements:

    • In financial need and are a Person of Color who has practiced yoga for a minimum of one year and has never previously participated Thrive Training Programs
    • Completed Application with a cover letter to ugonma@thriveyoga.com that includes why you’d be a great fit for the scholarship and the Thrive Training
    • Applicants must attend a Training Information Session 
    • Applicants must not have any schedule conflicts with the Teacher Training syllabus and must retain 100% attendance to maintain scholarship status. 

    Thrive will notify you via email or voice of your acceptance as the BIPOC Scholar no later than 2 weeks prior to the training start date.  Applicants must agree to a formal announcement/media announcement of the BIPOC offer and acceptance.

    300–Hour Teacher Training Application

    Want More Details?

    Professional Training Overview

    In the Thrive 300 Hour training, develop and expand your offering as a yoga teacher and yoga professional. We have exceptional students, so we offer an exceptional training package that includes additional wellness curriculum, specialties and certifications.

    Begin teaching advanced asana with deeper understanding of the body and how it works, learn and share advanced meditation and pranayama practices. Become a wellness professional with a well-rounded, advanced toolkit for a prosperous business and thriving life!

    Techniques and Practice


    • Explore yoga wellness techniques and practices not often found in studios: Kriya Yoga, Tantra Kundalini Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga, Tibetan Heart Yoga, Sound Healing: Mudra, Mantra, and Chant
    • Deepen your personal practice, learn new tools, and embody yoga
    • Advanced pranayama and meditation techniques for greater health and balance
    • Conscious Connected Breath (CCB) sessions with a Trauma Informed Professional Breathworker
    • Develop a personal practice of the 8 limbs of yoga regularly
    • Asana alignment labs for powerful class instruction and personal pose development
    • Asana, chakra and pranayama integration, sequencing, and cueing
    • Advanced asana and pranayama sequencing for physical technique and energetic balance
    • Advanced sequencing strategies to help students advance in their practices and to offer tools to various student lifestyle and conditions
    • Sequencing to the individual student in a group class
    • Introduction to Energy Medicine




    • Practice teaching via demonstration, correction, and feedback
    • Assisting and hands-on adjustment course (20 hours)
    • Workshop development and delivery
    • Teaching private sessions
    • Creating yoga events and retreats
    • Class observations

    Anatomy and Physiology


    • Anatomy
    • Anatomy-based sequencing
    • Teaching preparatory poses for advanced postures and special populations
    • Making anatomy cues EASY for students to understand
    • Physical and energetic integration in yoga



    • The history of yoga practices
    • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali chapter 1-3
    • ThriveStyle Navigation Course, a life skills course for finding joy and releasing suffering
    • The chakras and clearing your auric field



    • Mentorship in creating and instructing workshops. Graduate with a professional workshop to offer to students
    • Practice teaching with mentor feedback and improvement objectives
    • Teach 3 privates sessions with mentor feedback
    • Independent study: a yoga project (40 hours)
    • Apprenticeship in assisting and teaching in a live classroom with a mentor


    Thrive 300 Hour Teacher Training awards you the following Professional Certifications:

    • 300 Hour Professional Yoga Teacher
    • 25 Hour Professional Pranayama & Meditation Teacher
    • Chakra Yoga Teacher


    Fall 2023 Session Fees

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    Sept 27, 2023


    $375 non-refundable deposit PLUS $3225

    All Fees Non-Refundable.

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    October 1, 2023


    $375 non-refundable deposit PLUS $3525

    All Fees Non-Refundable.

    Payment Plan Option

    $375 non-refundable deposit PLUS Five (5) payments of $720