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Welcome H(om)e

Thrive offers original and unique programming that blends the basics, the fringe, and the next level.  With more than 65 classes per week and over 100 workshops, retreats and trainings, our studio gives our community the most variety and access to original life-changing programs. 

Thrive offers high-quality instruction with experienced teachers that have studied and practiced yoga extensively.  Most of our teachers are full-time, professional instructors with more than 10 years of experience in teaching yoga.   Our fresh and new teachers have graduated from prominent yoga training programs and are personally mentored by the senior Thrive teachers.  Thrive Yoga’s founder and owner has been practicing yoga for 30-years.

Our studio is a Community-driven where kindness and authentic interest in students is a priority.

Thrive is beautifully appointed.  Students practice in a comfortable and visually interesting environment that supports optimism and ease.