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Breathwork is a powerful body-mind tool that activates heightened awareness.

Through Conscious Connected Breathing (CCB) we tap into the energetic potential of the breath as a transformational healing tool. Common experiences include accessing an altered state of consciousness, feeling physically rejuvenated and energized, and freedom from negative emotions and conditions. Therapeutic Breathwork or Conscious Connected Breathing is an effective tool for getting to the roots of: depression, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, addiction, as well as many other physical, mental and spiritual ailments that keep you locked in bad habits and painful cycles.

Breathwork, the breakthrough mental and physical trending practice that’s right at the top of our nose, offers a multitude of benefits for physical and mental well-being. By practicing controlled breathing exercises, individuals can experience stress reduction, improved mental clarity, and enhanced emotional regulation. Breathwork also boosts energy levels, promotes better sleep, strengthens the immune system, and reduces physical tension. Additionally, it improves respiratory function, leading to increased lung capacity and oxygen circulation. Overall, breathwork provides a sense of lightness and freedom, contributing to an overall feeling of well-being.

Breath & Bliss Restorative Yoga

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Inhale, Exhale, Namaste

Breathing for Transformation

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Breathing for Transformation

Tuesdays | 6:00 – 8:00pm

Upon arrival, you are introduced to the breathwork method and what can be expected, guided through intention setting, and provided with props for comfort in savasana. 

You are using the conscious connected breathing technique, which is a cyclic, slightly faster than usual breathing pattern. You are intuitively guided along with gentle and supportive music in a mindfully prepared space to maximize a feeling of safety and comfort. The experience culminates with a meditative integration period, and an opportunity for sharing and community-building among participants.

This is for:

– Anyone going through a difficult time or who is experiencing body pain

-Someone who is on a journey of self improvement

-Anyone who would like to elevate their energy or change a bad habit

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Breathwork Training for Personal Growth & Level 1 Certification

September 2024 – January 2025

$3,300 | $2,900 Early Bird discount by July 31st

This training program is an in-depth, experiential training course in the transformative power of breathwork. Participants will develop confidence in their abilities in applying breathwork to themselves and clients, as well as integrating breathwork with therapeutic practices (counseling, healing arts, coaching, etc.). Training also includes supervision on skills and practice as a breathworker. Perfect for students who seek:

-to teach breathwork
-to integrate breathwork with other healing arts (therapists, yogis, educators, medical professionals, etc.)
-personal growth and the tools to release stuck patterns and trauma from the body
-Continuing Education credits

How is CCB different from pranayama?

CCB is a healing modality with an intention to become relaxed and present as you breathe to discover and heal deep rooted patterns of living. CCB is typically facilitated or guided by an experienced practitioner in a private or community setting.
Pranayama is a practice to consciously shift prana (energy) for greater fitness, meditation, and greater awareness. There are hundreds of pranayama practices for a practitioner to match with their goal.

Both CCB and pranayama practices have been proven to:

– Reduce stress and train the body and mind to handle stress better
-Improve stress-related physical symptoms
-Improve sleep
-Improve life