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Sound Healing

Be immersed into the world of vibration-sound and its healing qualities.

Everything in this universe vibrates naturally to its own innate frequency, we are vibrational beings in a vibrational universe. We often feel the tightening effects of stress from our overcharged world causing imbalance and disease states. In sound healing the energy of the body can flow freely and shift into a more peaceful state to allow the body to heal.

Sound Healing Training

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April Shower Me with Sound


Sound Bath and Deep Relaxation Mondays


Love Sound Healing Workshop Mar 18


Hatha and Crystal Bowls Fridays


Sound Bath Ensemble

Each sound instrument in the ensemble has special qualities to create a bath of vibration for shifts in your well-being.  Relax in savasana and allow the vibrations to wash over you.

Instruments in Sound Healing Programs:
~~~ Koshi Chimes ~~~ Zaphir Chimes ~~~ Tingsha Bells~~~ Tuning Forks ~~~ Rainstick ~~~ Ocean Drum ~~~ Crystal Pyramids ~~~ Nepalese Singing Bowls ~~~ Neptune Gong ~~~ Synodic Moon Gong ~~~ Chakra Crystal Singing Bowls ~~~ Gemini Crystal Singing Bowl ~~~ Zen Tubes