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Sound Healing

Be immersed into the world of vibration…sound and its healing qualities.

Everything in this universe vibrates naturally to its own innate frequency: we are vibrational beings in a vibrational universe. We often feel the tightening effects of stress from our overcharged world causing imbalance and disease states. In sound healing, the energy of the body can flow freely. Come experience sound healing, shift into a more peaceful state, and allow the body to heal.

Sound Healing Training

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Members Only Sound Bath Mondays

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Drum in the Sum(mer) Sound Immersion


Hatha and Crystal Bowls Fridays


What is happening during a Sound Bath?

Step into the transformative experience of a Sound Bath and witness the profound harmony and resonance unfold within you. Scientific research on sound healing and vibrational therapy supports the efficacy of this ancient practice. 


As the soothing tones of crystal singing bowls and harmonic instruments wash over you, your body finds its home note, aligning with its natural state of balance and vitality. The gentle vibrations work to blow up any cellular blockages while creating a resonance in your body. Sound Baths often aid in healing injuries and improving sleep and alertness.

Emotionally and Subconsciously

Untruths and stresses are gently released, allowing you to move into higher states of awareness and peace. Your brainwaves synchronize with the rhythm of your heart, inducing a deep sense of calm and relaxation. Often students will see visions, have dreams or connect with a loved one that has passed. Euphoria or other intense emotions may present themselves, ready to be released. 

Our Sound Healers

Sound Healers will hold the intention of love and healing, feeding your system with positive energy As you immerse yourself in this therapeutic experience, allow your body to be massaged by the healing vibrations, releasing free energy and resonating into its own natural, healthy frequency.

Monthly Thrive Sound Healing Immersions

$55 | 90-Minute Immersive Experience

2+ Certified Sound Healers

Each sound instrument in the ensemble has special qualities to create a bath of vibration for shifts in your well-being.  Relax in savasana and allow the vibrations to wash over you.

Optional individual play on or around your body for highest vibration affect.

Instruments in Sound Healing Immersions:
(3) Paiste Gongs; Tingshas Tibetan Chimes;  Zephir Chimes; Koshi Bells; Chakra Drum; Ocean Drum; Native American Rainsticks; Handmade Nepalese Singing Bowls; Japanese Temple Bowls; (2 sets of 7) Chakra Crystal Singing Bowls; Crystal Pyramids; Monaural Crystal Singing Bowls; Zen Tubes

Sound Healing Training and Classes

Hatha w/ Crystal Singing Bowl Savasana

Fridays | 12:00-1:00pm

Drop-in, series or membership

3 Crystal Bowls during Savasana

One Certified Sound Healer

Members Sound Bath

Mondays | 7:15-8:00pm

Membership ONLY

45 Minute Sound Bath w/ Bells, Chimes, Gong, and Crystal Singing Bowls

One Certified Sound Healer

Sound Healing Training

September 6th – 8th, 2024

Receive 2 Sound Baths with 40+ instruments

Learn how to lead a Sound Immersion

Play and Receive 3 days of Sound Healing with Mentorship from Certified Sound Healing Instructor

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