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Ashira Lavine

Ashira (MA, Licensed Massage Therapist, RYT-500, Professional Breathworker, Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapist, and certified in: Reiki I & II, Meditation, and Alchemical Alignment for Trauma Resolution) is a holistic healer, mindfulness teacher, and coach with extensive trauma training. Ashira also serves as the Leader of the United Nations (UN) Workgroup, serving as a liaison between the International Breathwork Foundation and the UN. She is certified in Therapeutic Breathwork, Rebirthing Breathwork, and Alchemy of Breath, for whom she currently serves as a mentor. Ashira is passionate about supporting people with emotional, physical, and spiritual transformation. 

Ashira values excellence and integrity, which is why she did her advanced yoga training at Thrive. After discovering breathwork for herself 10 years ago, Ashira was deliberate about her research in finding who she wanted to be her breathwork teacher and mentor. After engaging with and meeting over a dozen breathwork teachers and programs, it was clear to Ashira that Jim Morningstar (founder of Transformations USA), the community of practitioners that surrounded him, and his Transformations program, were those who possessed values of excellence, ethics, and integrity in the field of breathwork.

Ashira has made a career based on her intuition—reading bodies, voices, and energy for 25 years, as a Special Agent/Criminal Investigator and Deputy Director for the Federal Government, a world champion poker player, and a competitive fighter. She now lives a heart-centered life and has been told loving-kindness is one of her greatest superpowers. She adores animals and spending time at her family farm in West Virginia.

Read more about Ashira at: https://mindbodyfusion.com